RF Planning and Optimization

RF Planning and Optimization

What is RF Planning

RF Planning is the process of designating frequencies, transmitter locations as well as parameters of a wireless communications system to produce adequate coverage and capacity for the services expected. Cellular, trunked, Wi-Fi, or MANET radios, while each unique in modeling, still depend upon these fundamental aspects.

Our Approach

We will do our job in 4 phases

  • Initial Radio Link Budgeting: The first phase of the RF planning process is budgetary. It employs the RF Link Budget along with a statistical propagation model
  • Detailed RF Propagation Modelling: The second step of the RF Planning process relies on a more detailed propagation model
  • Fine Tuning and Optimisation: This stage includes components such as obtaining drive data to be employed to calibrate the propagation prediction model
  • Continuous Optimisation: The final level of the RF planning process includes continuous optimisation of the RF plan to adjust for changes in the environment or additional service requirements
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